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UCAT Question Bank

Dynamic Question Bank

MedEntry’s new QBank allows you to choose the types of questions you’d like to practice and for how long.
A customised UCAT quiz is created for you from our pool of thousands of UCAT questions.

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Customize your UCAT Practice

  • Easily Work on Weaknesses
    The most effective way to improve your UCAT performance is to work on your weakest areas. With the QBank, you can easily target specific question types for your practice
  • In-Depth Feedback
    The QBank provides comprehensive feedback, including timing, your performance in comparison to other students, and your progress for each question type
  • Fully Customisable
    Have only ten minutes to spare? The QBank is the perfect way to sharpen your UCAT skills. Simply select how long you’d like your test to be and start practicing
  • > 10,000 Practice Questions
    The QBank has thousands of quality questions for you to attempt, with more questions being added regularly. You'll never run out of practice material!

Medical Interview Training

Ace Your Medical Interview

  • Know the questions you'll be asked (university specific)
  • Learn key strategies for success (MMI)
  • Practice in a simulated mock
  • Gain valuable, expert feedback
  • Bonus uni-specific resources, guides & scenarios

We passionately believe that all young people have a fascinating and individual life experience. Our role is to help these experiences and the passion you have for medicine shine through.

Interview Training in Two Parts

Strategy Day

Strategy Day with Dr Ray

Learn the strategies needed to succeed in a day long session with Dr Ray Boyapati, Consultant Gastroenterologist with 20 years of experience in medical interview training.

Mock Interview

Half Day Tailored Mock Interview

Practice your interview skills in a full length mock interview, with university-specific questions, and receive feedback from up to 8 MedEntry interviewers on your performance.

Online Sessions

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most universities will be conducting medical interviews online in 2020.

An online interview is different to an in-person one, and requires an understanding of how to best present yourself in a virtual environment. In order to provide students with accurate and safe simulated training, MedEntry’s 2020 Interview Training will take place online.

Unable to attend on the available dates? Enrol in a personal interview session.


Interview Training Bundle

Strategy Day + Mock Interview

Want to know more about interviews and how to prepare for them?
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Video Guides

Interactive Video Guides

MedEntry students have access to 40+ UCAT video guides with 10+ hours of quality, structured learning.

These video guides have been created with state of the art learning technology, and cover key strategies to help you answer each type of UCAT question quickly and accurately.

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Learn all you need to know about each UCAT subtest

These comprehensive UCAT video guides cover everything you need to know about each of the five UCAT subtests, and make studying for UCAT an interactive, engaging and fun process!

  • Study basic principles including the structure, timing and scoring of each UCAT subtest
  • Learn the most effective approach for answering each type of UCAT question, step by step
  • Practice with integrated quizzes, allowing you to attempt UCAT questions that demonstrate an important strategy or principle

Personal Interview Training

Personal, One-on-one Interview Training

You’ve made it through the UCAT, and now you need to excel in that all important medical interview. This service provides individualised, expert advice on how to perform at your best and secure your place in medical school.

Expert Advice

MedEntry interview trainers have decades of experience in medical interviews. They have successfully trained thousands of students and have been on medical interview panels themselves. They will provide expert advice on interview content, technique and performance. This includes conducting a full mock interview and providing detailed, personalised feedback.

Online Training

Interview training sessions run online for two hours and can be scheduled on a day and at a time that suits you.

This service is ideal for those who are unable to attend one of MedEntry’s day-long Interview Training Sessions, or those who need a more individual service.

$890 NZD

Each session is One-on-One and includes a mock interview and feedback session, and runs online for approximately two hours.

Skills Trainers

Exclusive Skills Trainers

MedEntry has developed innovative trainers to help you master the skills required for each UCAT cognitive subtest.

Improve your UCAT performance in a fun, interactive and engaging way!

You won’t find these trainers on any other platform.
Enrol with MedEntry now to gain access.

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Develop Important UCAT Skills

To succeed in UCAT you need to master several skills. MedEntry’s exclusive trainers help you develop these skills quickly, while making UCAT preparation fun!

  • Verbal Reasoning
    The Speed Reading and Keyword Scanning games will accelerate your reading and help you locate relevant information quickly.
  • Decision Making
    The Venn Diagram trainer will help you to quickly master this difficult type of Decision Making question.
  • Quantitative Reasoning
    The Arithmetic, Calculator Numberpad and Graph/Table trainers will help you make calculations quickly and accurately.
  • Abstract Reasoning
    The AR trainer will help you identify common rules, patterns and distractors in Abstract Reasoning questions.
Calculator Trainer
Practice using the number pad to operate the UCAT calculator quickly.
Weekly Question
Engage with the MedEntry community to solve weekly questions.

Speed Reading Trainer

To score highly in the UCAT Verbal Reasoning subtest, you need to be able to quickly read and comprehend large blocks of text. You will often have less than 40 seconds to analyze multiple paragraphs of text.

Slow reading is the commonest problem students face when trying to master Verbal Reasoning. The MedEntry Speed Reading Trainer will help you to reduce subvocalisation and increase your reading speed. You can challenge yourself to improve by adjusting the number of words displayed and the reading rate.