Simulated UCAT Exam

Simulated UCAT Exam

Practice makes perfect

MedEntry is giving you an opportunity to gain valuable additional exam practice close to the actual UCAT exam. This full-length simulated UCAT Exam will provide you with all-important last-minute skill enhancement.

Brand new exam

This exam is completely different to one you may have sat during your workshop (if you are a Platinum or Diamond student) 

MedEntry quality

The Simulated UCAT exam will consist of 134 questions combining each of the 3 question types (Logical Reasoning & Problem Solving, Understanding People and Non-Verbal Reasoning) in the same format as in the actual test. The exam will be held under real exam conditions and will have a strict 3 hour time limit and the questions will simulate the actual UCAT.

We'll be running one close to you

This exam will be run in all major Australian cities in July 2018.

Personalised feedback

Answers and detailed fully worked solutions will be available. If you desire (optional), you will also be provided with your percentile rank in comparison with the nationwide MedEntry UCAT cohort and your expected UCAT percentile rank. You will also be provided with an indication of your strengths and weaknesses and the likelihood of being offered an interview/medical school place.

$95 NZD

This service is available from the MedEntry Shop

This service is available to MedEntry and non-MedEntry students