STRANGE COURSES, Herald Sun (6 June 2008)

STRANGE COURSES, Herald Sun (6 June 2008)

It is inappropriate for ACER/some universities to claim that UCAT and interview coaching is undesirable, for several reasons. For example:

  • Student Services of all universities engage in coaching of their students in CV and interview preparation for employment.
  • UCAT coaching is education in a broad sense which is same as what universities do, so how can that be deemed unworthy?
  • Undertaking UCAT coaching is an indirect indicator of motivation, just as obtaining a degree is an indicator of a person's motivation to persist.
  • Universities are big businesses these days and teach any course where there is demand. It has resulted in many Mickey mouse courses (see below*), yet they claim coaching for the generic and transferrable skills involved with UCAT training is unacceptable.

In Britain, the educational authorities have begun testing for cognitive enhancing drugs which are increasingly being used by students before exams and tests. ACER and universities should be concerned about such problems rather than generic skills training for the UCAT

*Universities teach strange Courses such as Mail Order Brides; Tightwaddery; The Phallus; Sex, Rugs, Salt & Coal; Finding Dates Worth Keeping; Art of Walking; Daytime Serials; Maple Syrup; Campus Culture and Drinking; Windsurfing; Basketweaving:

How about a degree entitled "Common Sense"?