On Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio (25 July 2012)

On Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio (25 July 2012)

TOM NIGHTINGALE: MedEntry is one of the UCAT course providers.

MedEntry: Tom there are about 50, at least at last count, probably more, of UCAT preparation companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Now I know that some of them make perhaps sometimes exaggerated claims but we certainly don't. And most of our students come through word of mouth; they're told by practicing doctors, nurses, past students, current medical students, and teachers.

They all are told by these students who have either used those services, or heard about the usefulness of services, that it helped them.

TOM NIGHTINGALE: When you say that some of your competitors in the industry do exaggerate claims, what sought of words and phrases do you mean?

MedEntry: They might say something like we get you into medicine, things like that. I don't know what they actually say but they might make claims. But what I can say is we have the track record.

TOM NIGHTINGALE: If some of your competitors though are making exaggerated claims, do you feel that there could or should be more regulation?

MedEntry: I suppose it is "Buyer Beware", basically. The person who is making the purchase has to do their due diligence to find out which is regulated, which is appropriate. But ask around. Ask through word of mouth; that is perhaps the best recommendation that you can ever get.