FLAWED THINKING, The Australian (4 May 2011)

FLAWED THINKING, The Australian (4 May 2011)

Peter van Onselen's argument that professional degrees should be moved to postgraduate level is flawed ("Generalist degrees broaden young minds", HES, April 27).

In an era where information is freely available, universities are making a grave mistake in lengthening courses when they should be shortening them.

It is hypocritical for universities to claim grade point average is a better predictor of success in professional degrees than Australian Tertiary Admission Rank yet offer guaranteed admission into professional courses based on ATAR. Our surveys show that more than 99 per cent of students prefer universities that offer direct entry to professional courses.

The universities of Western Australia and Melbourne are missing out on high-achieving students who are going to competitor universities.

Who are we to dismiss these young adults' views as "children too young to make up their minds"?