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  • MedEntry gets more students into medicine each year than all other UMAT prep courses combined.

  • There are many copycats, but there is only one original: MedEntry

  • MedEntry is the internationally trusted UMAT educational institution.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose MedEntry?

There are over fifty different companies which offer UMAT training and you can spend a lifetime doing these UMAT courses. You will only get confused, and take time away from academic study. MedEntry has a proven track record of UMAT success. Since our resources are UMAT focused, with more difficult questions to most accurately simulate the UMAT (developed over a period of 20 years), you won't waste any time.

Our UMAT Courses are taught by experienced professional academics (many others use our past MedEntry students to teach their courses who over-promise but under-deliver; you will be taught outdated/strategies and they lack the big picture).

Most medical students believe MedEntry's course is essential for UMAT success. MedEntry is considered by far the best UMAT Preparation course by medical students, teachers, doctors, parents and health professionals.

From an independent analysis of the MedEntry UMAT Course: “UMAT is indeed an exam that you can study for, and the MedEntry course will more than likely improve a participant's score” (in 'Can you be coached for med school?', 'Australian Doctor', 1 September 2014, pages 37-39). MedEntry is the only UMAT organisation to be featured in any medical journal (in 'Australian Doctor' twice: previously in April 2005).

Our guiding principles are: Excellence, Diversity, Integrity, Social justice, Efficiency, Affordability and Value.

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