MedEntry Learning Charter

MedEntry is dedicated to providing the highest quality education accessible to students in a learner-centred environment that promotes individual potential. To this end, we lay out our commitments to you the student, and also the behaviours and qualities we expect in our students.


Our Commitments

We are committed to providing learners with:

  • Accessible, quality education at a time and pace that suits the learner’s situation and aspirations
  • A learning environment and resources that support and stimulate learners and enables them to realise their full potential
  • An environment that promotes continuous improvement
  • Courses of the highest quality
  • Accurate information about all programmes and expectations
  • Assessment of learning that is fair, valid and timely
  • The opportunity to evaluate teaching and programmes in confidence
  • A skilled, qualified and supportive faculty and staff who will treat all learners with courtesy and respect and be responsive to learner needs and concerns
  • A fair and consistent enforcement of all college rules and regulations
  • A healthy and safe environment that promotes a positive learning experience

Our Expectations

We expect students to:

  • Take charge of your own learning and produce work to the best of your ability
  • Participate actively in all learning situations
  • Make effective use of the facilities and services provided and plan your use of resources in a responsible and considerate way
  • Comply with assessment regulations and use assessment feedback to inform your continued learning
  • Identify problems and concerns and address them to the appropriate people in a timely and constructive manner
  • Treat all members of the MedEntry community with courtesy and respect
  • Have an awareness of the impact that your behaviour can have on other learners
  • Act in a manner that promotes, supports and respects the rights of fellow students, faculty and staff to a safe and supportive learning environment
  • Abide by all MedEntry rules and regulations

In support of our commitment to continuous quality improvement, we provide a range of feedback mechanisms to students in relation to all aspects of the learning experience. We encourage students to use the feedback channels to tell us about their views and concerns. On our part we pledge to listen to all feedback carefully and to use it constructively in planning forward.