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An excellent UMAT score is critical to getting into medicine (often as important as school/uni results). Your choice of UMAT preparation provider is very important.

MedEntry provides you with a guarantee of quality

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Unrivalled Results

An excellent UMAT score is critical to getting into medicine (often as important as ATAR). Your choice of UMAT preparation provider is very important.

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Most Trusted

We are the most trusted UMAT provider - don't just take our word for it: check out the hundreds of 5 star reviews posted on platforms such as Google and Facebook.

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Outstanding Services

We are passionate about our helping our students, and this is reflected in the services we provide. From our state-of-the-art online learning platform using personalised technologies, to our professionally run, engaging workshops, we are committed to excellence.

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An Exceptional Team

Our Expertise

MedEntry is the only UMAT coaching preparation course run by academics, doctors, health science professionals with experience and expertise in test development, measurement and anaysis.

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Our Approach

MedEntry specialises in UMAT preparation – it's the only thing we do! We can therefore provide you with the most up-to-date, focussed and quality preparation.

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Our Credentials

MedEntry is a Division of the Australian & New Zealand Institute of Education (ANZIE), a Government Accredited Institution which provides educational services for those making the transition between secondary and tertiary education. MedEntry is accredited by the International Test Training Accreditation Council.

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Facts & Figures

MedEntry has a long history of successfully training students for psychometric tests and interviews.Our accumulated statistics are staggering.

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Learning Charter

MedEntry is dedicated to providing the highest quality education to our students. To this end, we lay out our commitments to you the student, and also the behaviours and qualities we expect in our students.

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Giving Back

We're proud of our role in providing quality, accessible and affordable preparation to those with a passion to pursue medicine. That's why we're always looking to give back to the community.

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Our Partners

MedEntry wishes acknowledge the many people and organisations that have assisted us in bringing quality UMAT preparation to students. Without their support, MedEntry would not be able to provide the quality of training it has today.

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