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How does health professional Nominated Scholarship work?

If you wish to apply for this scholarship, please ask a health professional (he/she cannot be your relative) to write to MedEntry with the reasons why you should be awarded the scholarship. The letter must be addressed to "The Scholarships Officer at MedEntry" and must clearly identify the Health Provider Index (HPI) number of the nominator. 

The letter should state the reasons why you should be awarded the scholarship, for example:

  • Academic achievements 
  • Participation in community/voluntary/co-curricular activities
  • Motivation to study medicine 
  • Financial difficulties

Please send the letter to: Scholarships Officer, MedEntry UCAT Prep, PO Box 445, Fawkner, Vic 3060, Australia.

Alternatively, you may scan / email the nomination to 


  • Generic letters of support addressed as "To whom it may concern" will not be considered.
  • This scholarship cannot be obtained retrospectively (i.e. after the student has enrolled and paid).
  • The scholarship applies to the Platinum package only.
  • There is no need to send letters via Registered or Express Post (this wastes your time and money): normal post will do.

We recommend that you include your email address along with the letter so that the discount code can be emailed directly to you.

If you are to be awarded a scholarship, MedEntry will provide you with a unique discount code, which can be used on the website to access the Platinum package package with a discount of 60%.

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