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How long do I have access to the LMS for?

If you purchase a UCAT package, you will have unlimited access to the LMS until the day of the UCAT test (usually in late July). At this time, access to the UCAT resources will be suspended. You will continue to have access to the Interview and University Admissions resources until after the admissions process (in January of the year following the UCAT test).

Students can have access to the UCAT part of the MedEntry materials for one "UCAT-YEAR" i.e. from the beginning of August of one year to the end of July the next. Access to the LMS is based on the "UCAT- Year", not the academic year or calendar year or financial year. A UCAT-Year runs from August to July.

Irrespective of the date of purchase, students will have access to the MedEntry materials for a maximum of one "UCAT-YEAR" i.e. from the date of purchase until the UCAT test date in July.

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