New Zealand's Most Successful Medical Interview Training

The only thing between you and a career in medicine is the final university interview. The stakes could not be higher! Will you be prepared for their questions? Will you be confident?

There’s only one way to be sure: MedEntry’s proven interview strategies, coaching and simulated mocks. Don’t stumble at the final hurdle. Know the questions, practice your responses and be the confident individual the top universities are looking for.

  • Learn the questions (university-specific)
  • Develop the right strategies (MMI & Panel)
  • Practice in a simulated mock interview
  • Get feedback from experts, including university lecturers

Succeed By Being Yourself

University interviewers want to see the real you. Nobody knows that better than Dr Ray, New Zealand's most successful medical entry expert.

As a lecturer, he’s been on university panels and understands exactly what each medical school wants from a successful candidate. His unique interview preparation techniques are the result of 20 years of experience as a mentor and coach.

Like the 10,000 students Dr Ray has personally trained, you will understand the qualities each university is looking for, know all the questions, practice in mock interviews and discover how to communicate your best qualities.

  • “When I went into my real interview I felt a lot more reassured”
  • “Their interview training really set me up for the real thing”
  • “The mock interview was the most helpful thing ever”

Learn The Strategies

Dr Ray’s collaborative and fun group strategy sessions will help you create a blueprint for interview success. Learn in an interactive, online classroom environment from New Zealand's pre-eminent medical entry expert.

  • Learn key strategies
  • Understand the mindset of the interviewer
  • Manage your stress
  • Know the questions, structures and emphasis of each university
  • Get exclusive interview guides

Practice The Techniques

Practice your responses in tailored mock interviews and get real-time feedback from multiple interviewers. Play the role of interviewer and interviewee, discuss the results and learn from the experiences of your peers.

  • Tailored to simulate your university interview
  • Personal feedback from interviewers
  • Group feedback and discussion
  • University-specific questions and resources

Interview Bundle

Feel relaxed, prepared and confident in your ability to deliver powerful responses to every question. The MedEntry University Interview Bundle is great value and an excellent investment in your future career.

Strategy Day With Dr Ray
Strategy Day With Dr Ray
Half Day Tailored Mock Interview
Half Day Tailored Mock Interview
Interview Guides and Resources
Interview Guides and MMI Bank

Additional Mock Interviews

Every Medical Interview Bundle includes one Tailored Mock Interview, but we understand that many students will apply to more than one medical school. Each university’s interview is different, so each additional Mock Interview is specific to that particular course. You’ll practice with university-specific questions, be questioned by our expert panellists and receive detailed feedback and suggestions.

Application Review

Applying to JCU or UNSW? You will need to submit a written application. MedEntry provides detailed analysis and recommendations for improvement. We understand your application is one of the most important written forms you’ll ever submit, so we take extra time and care to make sure your application stands out, and will meet the specific priorities of the university.

Please allow at least 3 working days for your application to be reviewed and returned to you.

Our interview training gets the best reviews


Find any educational institution with higher rated and more reviews than MedEntry, and we will offer our Interview Training Bundle absolutely free.

Alyssa Feltus


Absolutely loved the interview preparation after gaining so much from the UCAT workshop earlier this year. Everything was so helpful and really helped me build my confidence whilst preparing for the interview.

Felicity Hu


I've just completed the first half of my med interview package through the workshop day and I cannot be more grateful that I signed up. Dr. Ray has been unbelievably helpful and generous with his advice, while his passion for teaching and his career in medicine is simply contagious. He's an amazing educator and I hope anyone hoping to study and practise medicine has had the opportunity to interact with Dr. Ray.



The Strategy day was very informative and I learned a lot about what to do and prepare for interviews. I definitely recommend others to attend this Strategy day session in the future!

Lillie Brewer


The interview workshop by Dr Ray was incredibly motivating and insightful. Highly recommend this to anyone taking any job or medical interview!

Martin Dwyer


More than worth the fee- an invaluable insight from a doctor who has been on both sides of the interview table

Christian Caporusso


Dr Ray is very knowledgeable and informative on effective interview technique and strategies, and delivered a clear, detailed, interactive and engaging presentation that I found incredibly valuable. Would highly recommend.

lily zhang


Absolutely invaluable in terms of preparation for the interviews! Highly recommend to anyone who is really passionate about entering medicine.

Hamza Sohail


Informative, engaging and motivating strategies and tips to tackle medical interviews. Thanks.

Need Personal Training?

Can't make it to an Interview Strategy Day or Mock Interview?

Arrange personal one-to-one training with an expert. You'll learn the strategies, practice your responses in a mock interview and get personalised feedback.


MedEntry: Keeping Your Career On Track With One-on-one Interview Training

We’re here to provide interview training at every exciting new phase, including internships, HMO, general practice and specialist programs.

  • One-on-one coaching
  • In-person or virtual
  • Mock interview and feedback
  • Run by specialists and general practitioners
Graduate Medicine Interview Training
Graduate Medicine Interview Training
  • University-specific interview strategies and questions
  • Mock interviews and live feedback
  • Interview guides and resources
Graduate Medicine Interview Training
Internships & HMO positions
  • Internship
  • House / Resident Medical Officer
  • Dentists wishing to enter specialist training programs
  • General medical and surgical registrar positions
Graduate Medicine Interview Training
General Practice & Specialist training programs
  • General Practice Education Programme (GPEP)
  • Basic Physician Training (BST)
  • Basic Surgical Training (BST)

Interview FAQs



View the many student and parent endorsements of our interview training.

95% of students who have undergone our full training program have been successful in obtaining a place in one or more medical schools.

Psychometric and personality tests (such as the UCAT and interviews) rely on the fact that the candidates do not prepare, so testers/interviewers actively discourage the candidates from preparing. They do this by propagating various myths such as: preparation does not help; it will be a waste of resources; preparation may hinder your performance; interviewers are trained to pick up those who are coached; that there are some questions in the test/interview which are designed to detect if you try to second guess; it will work against you; it will disadvantage you; we can tell if you prepare etc. Accredited testers/interviewers know that such organisations go to great lengths to place fear in the candidates to ensure they do not prepare, precisely because preparation works!

If it is really true that you can't prepare for interviews, universities should have no objection to interview preparation (rather than actively discouraging students from preparing). Even if there is evidence that the answers come across is rehearsed, interviewers have to give you the benefit of the doubt (assume you are smart/motivated to prepare and think about the issues).

Since the best students with the highest/perfect UCAT and GPA/Y13 scores come to MedEntry Interview Training workshops, you will be learning, training and practising with the best.


Purchasing either a Medical Interview Training Package (MIT) or the Diamond Package includes your attendance in a MIT Session.

For details on how to purchase, please refer to

Once you have purchased a package, click on the Bookings button to view your available bookings. Click through to select your workshop date.

A couple of days before your session, you will be emailed details including start/end times. Please check your email carefully for details.

For guidance on how to write an application, login to your account, launch the Online Platform and from the side, click on University Admissions.  Then read the Written Application Guide for help in writing your application.

To have your application reviewed, click on My Purchases and then Extra Purchase Options.  Select Application Review Service (note: there is one for UNSW and one for JCU/other) and purchase. Once you have paid for this service, login and upload your application (in Microsoft Word format) by clicking on 'My Purchases' and then Application Review.

Please Note:

- Each Application Review Service is valid for one application.

- Please ensure that you allow at least three working days to process your application.

- Applications must be submitted in Microsoft Word format. If they are submitted in any other format, it will be difficult to provide feedback.

Once your application is reviewed, it will be emailed back to you with feedback recorded using the 'Track Changes' feature of Microsoft Word.

Please allow at least 3 working days for your application to be reviewed and returned to you. If you need your application reviewed more urgently, we may be able to do so. Please contact us.

Yes. You can have your application re-reviewed once more after you have made the suggested changes. To arrange this, please email the application to us. Please allow at least 2-3 days for your application to be re-reviewed and returned to you. 

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