MedEntry Orientation - Extra Exams

MedEntry Orientation - Extra Exams

Accessing your 5 extra exams

You can access your 5 extra exams by logging into the online learning platform, entering your username/password and then clicking ‘Launch Online Learning Platform’.

Then click on ‘Simulate’. Your extra exams will appear unlocked.

Getting the most from your extra exams

1. Treat each exam like the live UCAT

You will gain the most from your exams if you treat them like the live UCAT. Most importantly, this means completing the exams under strict time conditions, in one sitting, without breaks. You should also consider sitting the exam with the same equipment that you will have on test day, sitting it at the same time of day as the live UCAT, and even wearing the same clothes that you plan to wear in the actual exam! If you do this, sitting the UCAT will just feel like another MedEntry practice exam.

2. Re-try, review, reflect and reason

Gaining the most from your exams involves more than just completing them and briefly looking at the solutions and feedback. Instead, you should:

  • Re-try any questions you answered incorrectly (you can do this up to four times)
  • Review solutions, ideally to all questions (because you might have got the question right for the wrong reasons, or you might find a quicker/better way of arriving at the right answer). If you do not have time to review all questions, at least review the solutions for the questions you answered incorrectly
  • Reflect on how you performed overall, and what you can do to improve your performance next time (you will gain advice from the Exam Report generated after you complete the exam)
  • Reason / discuss difficult questions with a study group - this is one of the best ways to improve your UCAT skills

3. Try not to stress about percentiles

Remember that percentiles are a comparison of how you have performed in relation to other students. Very few students complete the additional exams, and those who do are among the most motivated and prepared of students. Therefore, you are competing against a much tougher cohort of students compared to those who, for example, complete exam 1. It is thus normal that your percentiles may not improve, and may in fact drop, as you complete the extra exams. If you feel that this is affecting your confidence, you can turn off percentiles so they do not appear on the online learning platform (under Profile/Settings in the top right).