MedEntry Orientation - Interview Training

MedEntry Orientation - Interview Training

Getting Started

If you have not already selected your preferred strategy day and mock interview dates, you should book as soon as possible on the Bookings page.
Note: that popular dates do book out, especially for mock interviews!

You can view and change the date of your interview training days from the Bookings page in your account:

You will obtain further details about your strategy day and mock interview in the day or two prior to your session, via email.

You now have access to interview training resources on the online platform. To access them, click on ‘Interviews’ on the left hand navigation menu:

Note: that some interview resources will only be available after you have attended your session.

3 Tips for getting the most from your interview training

1. Work through the interview resources

The interview guides on the online learning platform are packed with tips and strategies to succeed in your interview. We suggest you work through them in advance of your medical interview training to ensure you gain the most from your sessions.

2. Treat your mock interview as the real thing

Even though your mock interview is a practice session, you will gain more from it if you treat it as if it were the actual interview: wear the same or similar clothes that you will wear on the day of your interview, and answer questions as you would in the interview.

3. Act on any feedback provided

The feedback you receive on your performance will be very useful in gauging how you have performed, and providing suggestions on how to improve. Consider the feedback carefully and reflect on it, then create a plan for improvement. This will help you perform at your best.