Group Discount

Group Discount

Bring a Friend and Save!

Purchase a Platinum Package with a friend and each save $250 NZD!

Study is better when you work together, that's why MedEntry offers a special discount for groups of students.

Group FaQs

Platinum Package $590 $340 NZD

Access everything included in the MedEntry Platinum Package for $250 less

Each group member is free to choose any Group Platinum Package, alone or with extras. Group members do not have to purchase the same combination or attend the same workshop.

Optional extras include:

More About the Platinum Package

How do I access this discount?

  1. Register or Login to the MedEntry site.
  2. Click on Shop -> View Available Products.
  3. Add a Group Platinum Package to your cart.
  4. Select any additional addons and proceed to the checkout (you do not need to select the same addons as your other group members).
  5. Complete the payment process.
  6. Once your purchase is complete you will receive an email containing the purchase information and your order number.
  7. Congratulations, you should now have full access to the MedEntry LMS.
  8. Form/join a group to book your 2-day UCAT workshop.

The group discount now comes pre-applied to the Group Platinum Package. If you have an applicable discount code you can apply it during checkout for a further discount.

How do I form a group?

  1. Login and purchase a Group Platinum Package.
  2. Select Groups on the shop navigation bar.
  3. Select 'Create a New Group'.
  4. Enter the email addresses of the members you want to invite to your group.
  5. NOTE: You must enter the exact email address that the person has used to register with MedEntry. A student must purchase a Group Platinum Package before they can join a group.
  6. Once your group has two or more members you'll all be able to book your 2-Day UCAT Workshop.

How do I join a group?

  1. Login and purchase a Group Platinum Package.
  2. NOTE: You must have a current Group Platinum Package in order to join a group.
  3. Select Groups on the shop nav bar.
  4. Select 'Join an Existing Group'.
  5. Enter the Group Number from your group invitation email and press Submit.
  6. Once you have joined a group you will be able to book your 2-Day UCAT Workshop.