Skills Trainers

Skills Trainers

Exclusive Skills Trainers

MedEntry has developed innovative trainers to help you master the skills required for UCAT success.

Improve your UCAT performance in a fun, interactive and engaging way!

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Develop Important UCAT Skills

To succeed in UCAT you need to master several skills. MedEntry’s exclusive trainers help you develop these skills quickly, while making UCAT preparation fun!

  • Speed Reading
    The Speed Reading and Keyword Scanning games will accelerate your reading and help you locate relevant information quickly.
  • Diagram Analysis
    The Venn Diagram trainer will help you to quickly master this difficult type of Decision Making question.
  • Calculator Use
    The Calculator Numberpad trainer will train you to use the UCAT calculator efficiently, saving you valuable time.
  • Mental Maths
    The Arithmetic trainer will help you make calculations quickly and accurately, which is a key skill for the Quantitative Reasoning subtest.

Speed Reading Trainer

To score highly in the UCAT Verbal Reasoning subtest, you need to be able to quickly read and comprehend large blocks of text. You will often have less than 40 seconds to analyze multiple paragraphs of text.

Slow reading is the commonest problem students face when trying to master Verbal Reasoning. The MedEntry Speed Reading Trainer will help you to reduce subvocalisation and increase your reading speed. You can challenge yourself to improve by adjusting the number of words displayed and the reading rate.

Venn Diagram Trainer

Venn Diagram questions are common in the UCAT Decision Making subtest. These questions can be challenging.

The MedEntry Venn Diagram Trainer will help you analyse Venn diagrams quickly and accurately, boosting your Decision Making score.

You can challenge yourself by adjusting the difficulty level of the trainer.

Calculator Keypad Trainer

The UCAT testing platform comes with an in-built calculator. Using the calculator quickly is a skill that will save you valuable time, particularly in the UCAT Quantitative Reasoning subtest.

Over 30 stages, the MedEntry Calculator Keypad trainer will build up your muscle memory in performing various calculator operations. The leaderboard helps to you compare your performance to other MedEntry students.

Keyword Scanning Trainer

Success in the UCAT Verbal Reasoning subtest relies on you being able to identify key information quickly. Keyword scanning is a very useful, time-saving technique.

The MedEntry Keyword Scanning Trainer will help you practice your keyword scanning, enabling you to identify relevant information quickly and accurately.

Challenge yourself by adjusting the number of keywords to scan for.

QR Arithmetic Trainer

Mental maths, or the ability to make calculations quickly and accurately in your head, is an important, time-saving skill. It is particularly useful in the UCAT Quantitative Reasoning subtest.

The MedEntry Arithmetic Trainer helps you to develop these skills under timed conditions.

The game consists of three levels, and a leaderboard helps you to compare your performance with other MedEntry students.

Abstract Reasoning Trainer

Many questions in the UCAT Abstract Reasoning subtest involve quickly identifying patterns in shapes.

MedEntry's exclusive Abstract Reasoning trainer helps you to practice the approach and identify common rules, patterns and distractors in Abstract Reasoning questions.

The trainer has two modes and multiple difficulty levels, allowing you to alter the timing conditions, and the number of figures present.

Weekly Question

Discussion of questions with others is an important way to improve your UCAT reasoning skills. On the Community page of the online platform, you will see a new UCAT question each week.

Engage with your MedEntry colleagues and share your thoughts on the question before the answer and solution is revealed.

Community Weekly Question