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Practice exam with worked solutions

Understand the types of questions you can expect in the UCAT and learn from MedEntry's worked solutions. Sign up now for our free online sample exam

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UCAT Sample Questions

See sample questions just like you can expect on the UCAT

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What is the UCAT?

Common questions about the UCAT, including what, when and why. Find out all you need to know about the new test format.

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MedEntry Blogs

Hundreds of articles on a variety of topics including the UCAT, medicine, dentistry, work-life balance, stress, high school and much more!

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University Admissions

Information on the admissions requirements for medicine & dentistry

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University Contacts

Contact details for universities that require the UCAT

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Booklet for Parents and Students

An introductory guide on how to get into medical school and what MedEntry can offer to assist

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UCAT Links

Helpful webpages for UCAT preparation

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