University Admissions

University Admissions

Comprehensive University Admissions guide available

A full and comprehensive university admissions guide is available with purchase of any MedEntry package. The comprehensive guide contains details of selection procedures, prerequisites, quotas, application processes, types of student accepted and more, and covers health science courses across Australia and New Zealand.

Free Basic University Admissions Guide

Below you will see links to detailed university admissions information for medical entry into Australian and New Zealand universities.

University Admissions Summary

The following table is a summary of useful information on University admissions for undergraduate health science courses. Whilst due care has been taken to ensure information is up to date, please note that university admissions processes can change, so you need to check with relevant university websites for any updates or changes that may have occurred since date of publication to ensure you have the correct information.

Remember to contact the admissions officer of each course you are interested in to gain detailed information on selection procedures and important dates. Please take a look at our 'University Contacts' document for the relevant contact details of each course listed below.

SL: School leaver (i.e. those entering straight from school and who do not have an academic record at a tertiary education institution)

NSL: Non-School Leaver. This term includes students who have started a degree, completed a degree or completed part of a degree. The admissions requirements for non-school leavers are often complex. Therefore, if you fall into this category please contact the Admissions Officer of the university(s) to which you are considering applying. The Admissions Officer will be able to inform you whether you are eligible to enter the course, whether you should sit UCAT or GAMSAT and what other requirements are necessary.

ISAT: International Students Admissions Test



  • Some Universities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Griffith and Western Australia have a system of 'conditional entry'. This means that if you achieve a high ATAR, UCAT and interview (in some cases) you will be offered a place in Medicine upon completion of your first degree in any discipline, provided you maintain a high GPA/WAM during your degree.
  • The University of Otago and the University of Auckland have a system of second year entry:
    • University of Otago: all school leavers must complete a one-year course in Health Science, then apply for selection into medicine
    • University of Auckland: all school leavers need to take year 1 of either the Bachelor of Health Science or Bachelor of Biomedical Science. At the end of this year, students with good UCAT score will be eligible for an interview for selection into medicine.
  • The year 12 cut off ATAR scores required for entry into the above courses varies between Universities. They can be as low as 90 for medicine (even lower for rural students).
  • The UCAT cut off scores required for entry into the above courses varies between Universities. It is usually 80th percentile (lower for rural students).
  • Some courses require you to have completed prerequisite subjects. These are subjects you are required to undertake in your final years of schooling to be eligible to apply for a particular course (common subjects include English and Chemistry). Often you must achieve a certain baseline score in these subjects for your application to be considered. Please check relevant universities for specific subject prerequisites.
  • Many universities offer Medicine/Dentistry places for graduates. This may require you to sit the UCAT or GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admissions Test). Please contact the relevant university(s) for more information.