Articles Published by MedEntry staff which appeared in Newspapers, medical and related journals and magazines

MedEntry Invited to Speak at AGM

Dr Edward of MedEntry was the Keynote speaker at the Annual General Meeting of the Melbourne Divisi [ ... ]

PUTTING STUDY TO THE TEST, Australian Doctor, 24 May 2013. P29

Putting study to test (Published in Australian Doctor, 24 May 2013, page 29) Paul Smith reports th [ ... ]

STRANGE COURSES, Herald Sun (6 June 2008)

It is inappropriate for ACER/some universities to claim that MAT and terview coaching is unde [ ... ]

On Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio (25 July 2012)

TOM NIGHTINGALE: MedEntry is one of the UMAT course providers.

MedEntry: Tom there are about 50, at [ ... ]

STUDENTS ARE SMART, STOP THE INSULTS, Medical Observer (31 August 2012)

According to Christine Bennett, the Dean of Medicine at Notre Dame, it behoves on UMAT prep organis [ ... ]

GRADUATE ENTRY FLAWED, Sunday Age (25 February 2007)

Melbourne university's claim that the graduate model for entry to law/medicine will reduce the press [ ... ]

DEMAND AND SUPPLY, Australian Doctor (2 March 2012)

Melbourne university's claim that the graduate model for entry to law/medicine will reduce the press [ ... ]

From Education - An Australian Jewish News Publication (March 2012, Page 7)

After School Years: It is not only children entering Prep who need, and benefit from, programs that [ ... ]

HIGHER EDUCATION, The Australian (22 February 2012, Page 32)

Peter Van Onselen's arguments for increasing the duration of courses (HES 15/2/12) is analogous to  [ ... ]

PREDICTIVE VALIDITY OF THE UMAT, Medical Journal of Australia, (October 2011)

The conclusion of Wilkinson and colleagues (1) that UMAT scores and medical school performance are o [ ... ]

UNIS HAVE VESTED INTERESTS TOO, The Australian, (30 September 2011)

Gavin Moodie criticises the Australian Council of Educational Research (HES, September 21) as having [ ... ]

GRIST FOR THE MILL, Australian Doctor (23 September 2011)

Most people in Commonwealth countries consider a Doctor of Medicine (MD) to be the highest qualifica [ ... ]

APING THE US MODEL, (Medical Observer 22 August 2011)

Most people in Commonwealth countries consider a Doctor of Medicine (MD) to be the highest qualific [ ... ]

RANK AND FILE, The Australian (20 July 2011)

By shifting professional courses to postgraduate level, the University of Melbourne claims to put st [ ... ]

UMAT A BETTER TEST, Medical Observer (10 June 2011)

Bagging medical entry tests seems a popular sport at the moment (Predicting med school success is as [ ... ]

NECESSARY EVIL, Australian Doctor (27 May 2011)

With reference to your article 'Med school entry tests' (5 May), if you were to carry out a survey o [ ... ]

CRITICISM SEEMS A LITTLE RICH, The Australian (18 May 2011)

Chris Lloyd of the University of Melbourne criticises Monash for allegedly perpetuating a system whe [ ... ]

MED SCHOOL TESTS, Australian Doctor (5 May 2011)

Dr Edward from MedEntry UMAT training organisation said about half of all students who get into medi [ ... ]

FLAWED THINKING, The Australian (4 May 2011)

Peter van Onselen's argument that professional degrees should be moved to postgraduate level is flaw [ ... ]

MORE FEES AT THE HEART, The Age (30 April 2011)

Peter van Onselen's argument that professional degrees be moved to postgraduate level is flawed (''M [ ... ]

ADMISSION MAZE, Australian Doctor (20 April 2011)

Dr Kerri Parnell and Paul Smith raise several questions regarding the Undergraduate Medicine and Hea [ ... ]


Two criticisms of the University of Queensland study which showed that UMAT is a poor guide to predi [ ... ]

THE INDEPENDENT WEEKLY (16 - 22 July 2010, Page 4)

MedEntry is the most popular trainer for UMAT, has the highest success rate among the UMAT course pr [ ... ]

MORE TO MEDICINE THAN COSTLY COURSE, The Advertiser Adelaide (27 April 2010)

MedEntry, one of the state's largest UMAT private training providers, offers preparation courses sta [ ... ]

MISGUIDED, Australian Doctor (28 March 2010)

EDITOR: Regarding the news of the MJA study finding that GAMSAT does not predict which medical stude [ ... ]

A POOR TEST, Medical Observer (21 March 2010)

EDITOR: The study that found that GAMSAT does not predict which medical students will perform well d [ ... ]


Dr Chris Kirtley argues (12 Feb, 2010 p21) that a two year medical degree is sufficient: one year to [ ... ]


The Psychometric Entrance Test (PET) is a standardised test used for medical admission in Israel, ad [ ... ]


New Zealand Chinese Herald, July 03 2010, page D3, reported on the background of MedEntry's founders [ ... ]

MONASH'S GAIN, The Age (5 October 2009)

Compared to their peers a generation ago, today's young people are maturing earlier physically and m [ ... ]

TESTING TIMES, Herald IE (26 August 2009)

The current fuss regarding the new medical school admission process is like what happened when a sim [ ... ]

TEACHING TO THE TEST, Medical Observer (13 February 2009, P 21)

The fundamental flaw in the UWS study has been exposed elsewhere, but it is suffice to say that the  [ ... ]

VESTED INTERESTS, Medical Observer (26 January 2009)

The fundamental flaw in the UWS study has been exposed elsewhere, but it is suffice to say that the  [ ... ]

AUSTRALIAN DOCTOR (22 January 2009)

EDITOR: Your article criticises the interview questions used by the University of NSW without provid [ ... ]


A provider of preparatory courses for students aiming to pass the UMAT medical and dental tertiary e [ ... ]

MEDICAL OBSERVER (5 December 2008)

Understandably, Dr Edward, of coaching company MedEntry, takes a different view. He is a vocal voic [ ... ]

MEDICAL INTERVIEWS, Australian Doctor (25 November 2008)

Your article (Med School Interview Furore, 21 November) criticises the interview questions used by  [ ... ]

MISDIRECTED CRITICISM, Consult Magazine (23 September 2008)

Mr Bonning’s criticism of UMAT training should be better directed at ACER and universities which a [ ... ]

UMAT COACHING MAY HAVE OTHER BENEFITS, Medical Observer (19 September 2008, P 23)

The study which showed that MAT coaching oes not help (MedObs 5/9/8) has several flaws. Firstly  [ ... ]

AUSTRALIAN DOCTOR (5 September 2008)

The facilitator of MedEntry, which runs coaching courses, claimed the MJA study was flawed because o [ ... ]

REAL BENEFITS, Medical Observer (5 September 2008)

The study which showed that UMAT coaching does not help (MedObs) has several flaws. Firstly there is [ ... ]

FROM CONSULT MAGAZINE (4 September 2008)

The lecturer from MAT training group MedEntry said his company was providing a vital service that [ ... ]

MED SCHOOL RESEARCH FLAWED, The Australian (2 September 2008) and The Australian Doctor (19 Septembe...

Several criticisms can be made of the study which reported that Medical school coaching does not hel [ ... ]

EFFECTIVE TRAINING, Victorian Doctor (July 2008, P29)

Lachlan Batty raises some concerns about MAT training. We acknowledge that there are some unscrupu [ ... ]

HERALD SUN (6 June 2008)

It is inappropriate for ACER/some universities to claim that UMAT and interview coaching is undesira [ ... ]

NO COMPARISON, Australian Doctor (29 February 2008)

Your chief political correspondent, Paul Smith criticises the current medical school entry system on [ ... ]

AUSTRALIAN DOCTOR (27 February 2008)

EDITOR: Your chief political correspondent, Paul Smith, criticises the medical school entry system o [ ... ]

SELECTION ERROR, Australian Doctor (18 January 2008)

Cogent arguments can be made both for and against interviews being part of selection process for ent [ ... ]

UNIVERSITY'S ENTRY LOTTERY IS A MOCKERY, Medical Observer (8 February 2008)

The Dean of Sydney Medical School, Professor Bruce Robinson, admits that the Graduate Australian Med [ ... ]

FULL FEE POLICY, The Age (January 2008)

Labor’s policy of abolishing Domestic Undergraduate Full Fee (DUFF) places (23/11, p11) has severa [ ... ]

BACKING UMAT, Australian Doctor (3 August 2007)

Some people raise questions about the current medical selection process, but offer no solutions. As  [ ... ]

VALUABLE UMAT PREP, Medical Observer (22 June 2007)

Tuition for MAT develops students’ skills in logical reasoning, critical thinking, problem solv [ ... ]


However, an AMSA medical education survey reported that 70% of 600 medical students believed trainin [ ... ]

APING THE US MODEL, The Age (7 May 2007)

The Dean of Melbourne University, Professor Michael Crommelin makes the fundamental error of equatin [ ... ]

IRRELEVANT TEST, Australian Doctor (9 March 2007)

EDITOR: It is not surprising that the Graduate Australian Medical School Admission Test (GAMSAT) is  [ ... ]

NOT ALL ENTRY TESTS EQUAL, Medical Observer (16 February 2007, Page 17)

The debate about whether school leaver entry or graduate entry is better for medicine will continue  [ ... ]

MEDICAL TRAINING, The Education Age (21 November 2005 Page 10)

Throughout the ages and in most countries medicine has been a profession with special privileges, he [ ... ]

CHANGING TIMES, Australian Doctor (16 June 2006, Page 2)

Perhaps Dr Andrew Griffiths is not aware of the numerous changes in medical student selection that h [ ... ]

MED STUDENTS PASS TEST, Australian Doctor (28 May 2004, Page 20)

Medical professionals across Australia are doing their bit to help disadvantaged year 12 students pr [ ... ]

TO COACH OR NOT......, Australian Doctor (15 April 2005, Page 31)

Dr Kerri Parnell asks whether coaching for tests such as MAT helps ('Medical School Pick of the C [ ... ]


MedEntry has comprehensively won the Federal Court case against Dallas Gibson for breach of copyrigh [ ... ]

Dallas Gibson of Medical-Entrance BANKRUPT

Dallas Gibson of Medical-Entrance/Eglobamed/Icarus/Premed is currently bankrupt. He has now been ba [ ... ]

MedEntry UMAT Prep wins Foundation For Australian Youth Grant!

We are extremely delighted to announce that we have been offered a generous grant by the oundation [ ... ]

MedEntry Presents at Careers Expo

MedEntry is invited to speak at the VCE Expo in Melbourne every year. At the Careers Forum, MedEntr [ ... ]