Comparisons with other courses

Comparisons with other courses

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Harry Sivakumar
Successful MedEntry Student

Thank you for your assistance during this year. Having done all three preparation courses over the past two years, I am certain MedEntry is the best choice for prospective students.The ten exams provide extensive practice and cover all necessary skills.

The served as excellent and accurate simulation of the real test.

For me personally, the best product was the interview guide, which broke down the interview into components and also provided advice on how to approach it. It was concise (yet detailed) and very, very clear, and many of the example questions popped up in my actual interviews (imagine my delight)! This product should be better advertised!

The e-mail support was extensive for any questions I posed, and this showed that the MedEntry team was genuinely interested in assisting me during my application for medicine.

[Harry is now studying Medicine at Monash University]

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Preeya Maharaj
Successful MedEntry Student

Your course was the best thing that helped me get into medicine.

The practise exams were brilliant - the questions were exactly how they are in the test and it meant that when I was doing the test I just had to get into the right frame of mind while my other friends who had never seen anything like it before took ages before they even realised what the examiners were looking for.

In all honesty, I did the [name deleted] Course as well (the Dean at my school just booked me into everything because she knew how badly I wanted to get in to medicine). I definitely feel like your course was the one that helped me get in. When I finished the [name deleted] course I felt like I had wasted two days of my revision - I really learnt nothing from [name deleted]. Your course was definitely more to the point and without a doubt more useful!

I also liked the fact that your workshop was in small groups so it was easier to ask questions and make a fool of yourself. It also helped when you sent a feedback sheet after the workshop...I remember getting a paper and the box that said something like ‘you wouldn't get offered a place with this score’ was ticked. That was a big wake up call and it drove me to improve and practice more.

THANK YOU very much for all your help. Greatly appreciated! I've already told my friends who didn’t get in that they should definitely do your course next year.

[Preeya is now studying medicine]

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Jessica Green
Successful MedEntry Student

I am just emailing to give the hugest thankyou for helping me to get into my top preference at Monash University. I finished year 12 and received a good score but, missed out on a Monash interview. Last year however, thanks to the Med Entry prep course, I received 99 percentile! Then, thanks to the practice face to face interview I was able to receive a place in Medicine CSP at Monash!

Both the LMS as well as the weekend workshop were absolutely fantastic. In my preparation for the test this year I attended three prep courses; [name deleted], [name deleted] and Med Entry. I can say with absolute certainty that of all the courses I attended, Med Entry was clearly the superior. Often in the other courses, I found that much of the information was quite basic and I already knew it. The speakers presenting the courses did not seem nearly as informed as the Med Entry speakers. The information and study packs provided were not as professional and comprehensive as those provided in the Med Entry LMS site. In all, I was simply blown away by the Med Entry course! The speaker, Dr Edward was an informed, confident, but most importantly interesting speaker. The continued help that was provided through discussion forums and via email was wonderful too.

Again, I cannot express my thanks enough to the Med Entry team, and I will give anyone who asks (or doesn’t) my highest recommendation!

[Jessica is now studying medicine]

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Amanda Fairweather
Successful MedEntry Student

I’d like to thank MedEntry for all of their assistance in getting into medicine this year.

When I applied in 2004, I used another unnamed prep course that I really didn’t feel taught me anything new. There were lectures but these seemed to cram as many people in as little time as possible and there was little opportunity to have concerns answered. I had the distinct feeling it was much more of a money-making enterprise. My final result wasn't great . Combined with my ENTER, this denied me access to every one of the 9 medical schools I had applied to.

In 2005 I did not sit the test. In 2006, I came across the MedEntry site and at the last minute decided I should risk doing a prep course again. From the start, MedEntry were very helpful, and particularly understanding of my financial situation. Once I logged in, the LMS was easy to understand, and there were many great section by section resources for the test. The drills helped build my confidence and the exams were particularly helpful as they very closely simulated the real test. By imposing time limits on myself, I was able to see which were my areas of strength and weakness, and use the resources available to improve on those. The percentiles in particular helped me to realise my relative strengths and weaknesses.

The seminars were great- I felt as if the lecturer actually wanted me to learn, and didn’t want my money. The number of people per seminar was substantially smaller than I expected, and there was a lot more interaction with the lecturer and other students.

I sat the exam with full confidence that I was already ahead of the majority of thousands of people who would be sitting it that year. The 10 practice exams and multiple-puzzle generator had already taught my mind how to approach many of the problems I would face. My results reflected this, with scores of 74 (99 %ile), 57 (86 %ile) and 73 (99 %ile), i.e. 204 total score and 284 %ile. This enabled me to have interviews with the University of Newcastle, the University of New South Wales and the University of Western Sydney. I also received a CSP offer at the University of Tasmania.

In preparation for my interviews I decided to sit the one-on-one interview prep. Having read the resources already on the LMS website, I knew the quality of the interview prep was likely to be just as good as the test prep, and I wanted somebody appropriate to be able to hear my answers in a mock interview and return his or her honest feedback. The interview was very professional and very much set me at ease about my responses, as well as providing some constructive criticism about things upon which to improve.

This January, in the first round UAC offers, I received my first preference of a CSP unbonded University of Newcastle Bachelor of Medicine place. Also, according to the key on the UAC form, I would have been offered CSP places to UNSW and UWS had I put them as higher preferences. I also had a CSP offer at the University of Tasmania.

I think a lot of people don’t realise that the test is usually equal to or more important than the ENTER when applying for medicine. I do not believe I would have achieved my test scores and thus interviews/offers for medicine last year without the help of MedEntry. I encourage all prospective med students to sign up to the MedEntry resources.

[Amanda is now studying medicine at the University of Newcastle]

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Jabel Lee
Successful MedEntry Student

I have received offers to Medicine and Dentistry at University of Otago. I can't thank you enough for your great help!! I tried [name deleted] the year before and my test results that year were so bad, and I thought these prep courses were really useless. But lucky for me, my dad asked me to try one more time, and thank god I chose MedEntry!! Not only the huge amount of substance, the quality was second to none.

Thank you again, now I am one step closer to becoming a surgeon!

[Jabel is now studying medicine at Otago University]

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Rebecca Lim
Successful MedEntry Student

I seriously think that the MedEntry course was a great investment! I also did [name deleted] and got [name deleted] material off a friend.

Overall, your material was very comprehensive, with way fewer errors than [name deleted] too! Your sequence questions were BY FAR the best! I could tackle the questions in the test, even though this year's test was harder than last year’s.

As for the interview guide, I found the information for the UNSW interview EXTREMELY helpful. They asked exactly the same questions.

[Rebecca is now studying medicine]

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Varun Sharma
Successful MedEntry Student

I am pleased to announce that I received a CSP offer for UWA medicine.

I must say that I owe everything to MedEntry for getting me a place in medicine. The practice exams that were online were of utmost quality and resembled the test almost perfectly. When I sat the test, I was confident and that is what helped me most. The two day workshop was impressive and the trial test was a wonderful 'confidence builder'. Whenever I needed to contact MedEntry, I received prompt replies and an impeccable standard of service. Dr Edward's trial interview resembled UWA's interview closely and I have no hesitation in recommending MedEntry to anyone. I also did two other prep courses [names deleted] and they were such low quality that I asked for a refund. After purchasing the diamond package, I was pleased with the ‘tutor', which came to my help. After your course, I received offers from universities all over Australia. Once again, I would like to thank the MedEntry team and hope that such a standard of service remains untarnished for years to come. Furthermore, I also received a perfect score of 99.95 and a General Exhibition.

[Varun is now studying medicine at the University of Western Australia]

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Danushka Seneveratne
Successful MedEntry Student

The academic year had ended and despite what seemed like a lifetime of preparation the year had not gone according to plan. Every aspiring med student would understand that there is nothing more tragic than having an acceptable ENTER and an inadequate test score! I knew I wasn’t going to be a med student in the coming year but I was sure that I was going to defer my course and give it another shot.

It was in this time of stress and confusion that I came across MedEntry. I was very cynical of preparation courses, they had failed me before and this time round I was determined to avoid boisterous bullies who charged exorbitant prices for minimal result.

I was thrilled to discover that the MedEntry program and its products were created by med students. They had prepared for and done the test as a stressed, nervous year 12 student, they had taken the other preparation courses and understood their failings; they’d had candid conversations with fellow students and understood what it was we were expecting from a prep course.

When I discovered that MedEntry was offering a package of ten practice papers for a price that I could afford with my Baker’s Delight salary I was elated! No other course had offered this and despite my mum’s best efforts to think up questions I was previously unable to recreate the exam experience. The type and level of difficulty of the questions were very similar to that of the questions in the actual test I had undertaken in the previous year. The ability to do a test under properly timed conditions enabled me to alter my speed and improve on my accuracy. I entered the testing centre on the 28th confident that I was going to improve my score from the previous year, I left the centre positive that I was going to get an interview.

In late September I received a letter from Adelaide and a few days later I had purchased one of MedEntry’s interview guides. It was extremely reassuring to see both a list of mock questions and more importantly appropriate ways in which to respond. The guide was particularly effective in teaching me how to incorporate my own experiences and attributes into the conversation. Their clear and thoughtful responses to the ethical questions provided me with an invaluable set of guidelines.

On the 25th of January I enrolled for medicine at Monash University. My faith in MedEntry had paid dividends, with their list of well thought out products, their researched, realistic questions and definitive answers, I knew it had played an important role in helping me achieve a lifelong dream.

[Danushka is now studying medicine at Monash University]

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