Scholarship Winner Reviews

Scholarship Winner Reviews

Roger Lu
Successful MedEntry Student and Excellence Scholarship Awardee

I was fortunate enough to have achieved an ENTER of 99.95 last December and was offered an Excellence scholarship at Monash University. Thanks for all your help and I wish you every success this year!

[Roger is now studying medicine]

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Steven Forbes
Successful MedEntry Student and MedEntry Excellence Prize Winner

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to MedEntry for the outstanding products and services offered. As well as completing the MedEntry program I purchased the [name deleted] program.

There was simply no comparison. MedEntry’s products were up to date, relevant, focussed and mirrored the UMAT exactly!

The other course was simply a waste of money and more importantly, time.

To all potential UMAT test-takers: do not underestimate the importance of UMAT. A couple of hundred dollars is nothing when you consider what the MedEntry course provides. Not only does it help substantially in improving UMAT scores, it also gives you skills that help make you a better person, and ultimately, a better health professional. I cannot recommend MedEntry’s services enough!

[Steven is now studying medicine]

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Sandeep Arunothayaraj
Successful MedEntry Student and MedEntry Excellence Prize Winner

I managed to get 296 out of 300 in my UMAT. Section A 100, Section B 98, Section C 98.

I must say that the MedEntry workshop was a great help in preparing for the UMAT. It was really beneficial to familiarise yourself with the types of questions on the UMAT, and work out a method to tackle the questions you find the toughest. The workshop helped in this aspect immensely. The feedback from the practice test done in the workshop is also really useful, as it accurately determines what areas you need to work on.

The practice exams were an excellent indication of the types of questions on the actual UMAT and ensured that there were very few surprises. I found that they were slightly harder than the real UMAT, which really helps provide confidence when you're reading the questions in the exam hall. Being slightly harder, the practice exams also allow you to work out the right time management strategy, which is essential. This results in a candidate being able to finish all the questions in the real UMAT, which is a huge bonus.

MedEntry is an absolute help!

[Sandeep is now studying medicine at Melbourne University with the help of a National Medical Scholarship. In addition to his outstanding UMAT score, he obtained a perfect ENTER score as well as perfect scores in all six of his year 12 subjects]

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Gerard Dalgleish
Successful MedEntry Student and MedEntry Excellence Prize Winner

As a country student I had only ever read about the UMAT in VTAC guides and largely underestimated its importance. When I was put in contact with MedEntry I quickly learned what I was facing and realized I needed a lot of help. The actual experience of sitting a practice UMAT exam at the MedEntry workshop, as well as the many practice exams on the LMS, gave me a much greater understanding of what was up ahead. On the day, the three hours seemed much less of a hurdle than what I had been expecting. I even found that some of the questions on the UMAT were very similar to those I had practiced with.

Because of the practice I had, I managed a score of 286 overall (and got 100% on section 2, which had initially been my worst). But I still had the huge task of the interviews so I again looked to MedEntry for help. Their interview guide prepared me for the questions I was to be asked and eventually helped me to gain a place in Monash Uni’s medical course, something I never thought was possible!

I would like to give you all an enormous thank you; it’s a dream come true!!!

[Gerard is now studying medicine at Monash University]

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Muhammad Mowjood
Successful MedEntry Student and MedEntry Excellence Prize Winner

I am happy to report that I have achieved results far beyond my expectations, with percentiles 99,99, and 96 and sections 1,2, and 3 respectively.

I was first impressed by the quality of your support. All of my questions were dealt with promptly, efficiently, and in a friendly manner. I signed up with Medentry with some concerns about the ease with which I could access my the learning resources as a remote user, but your support via email soon put these concerns to rest.

I found useful advice in your section-by-section guides, especially those for sections two and three. The guides were clear, and offered practical advice that I knew I could readily put to use in the UMAT test.

I found the practice questions invaluable. Having talked to past UMAT-takers, I knew that time constraints presented one of the biggest challenges in the test. The MedEntry practice tests allowed me to gain experience and confidence in these conditions, and to develop skills for dealing with large volumes of information in a limited time. After doing the UMAT I also realised that the style and matter of the practice questions were a realistic representation of the real thing.

Hoping that you will keep up the good work!

[Muhammad is now studying medicine]

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Cindy Wei
Successful MedEntry Student and Excellence Prize Winner

I am writing to give my sincere thanks for the MedEntry Excellence Prize awarded to me. I am delighted to have done quite well in the UMAT, and I feel that I owe this, to a large extent, to the MedEntry Team and the courses and resources they endeavour to provide.

ACER described the UMAT in the 2005 Information Booklet as a ‘battery of three tests’. Although, no doubt, the word ‘battery’‚ was used in this context with the intended meaning of ‘an array of similar things’, it rather reminded me of an entirely different denotation one that has little to do with related assortments, and much to do with beating and pounding.

Perhaps others will share my sentiment that at first fleeting glance, the UMAT appears as insurmountable and remote as the world’s highest peak, scaled only by the select few blessed with rare brilliance, and impregnable to the ordinary person who may find themselves returning from the expedition sorely bruised. However, as I have discovered, this analogy is indeed a false one. The successful mountain climber is one with dedication, determination, and a positive attitude, and one armed with the knowledge and confidence to succeed; something which the MedEntry Team provides for their students to their fullest capacity.

In the last respect, MedEntry’s Online Learning Management System has been a great source of help for me. The notes provided were comprehensive and succinct. They covered in detail topics that I had anticipated, but more importantly that which I had not. There is nothing as terrifying as, under the stress of real exam conditions, being faced with something completely foreign to you.

The practice exams were also a great asset. In terms of familiarisation with test and question structure, identifying and improving upon weaknesses and learning time management skills, these exams were invaluable. It certainly allowed me to face the real UMAT with a lot more self-belief and coolness than I would have without practice. At first, the difficulty of the practice exams helped to put the real UMAT in perspective and encouraged me to work harder. Later on, as I adapted more to the exams, the practice helped build upon my confidence and fine-tune my preparation.

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Rahul Barmanray
Successful MedEntry Student and National Medical Scholarship Awardee

Following your advice in June last year I applied to medical schools all over Australia rather than just in Victoria and have been lucky enough to receive offers to Tasmania, Adelaide, Monash and Melbourne. But though I achieved 99.95, my aggregate was relatively low for such a score and so I was not hopeful of receiving one of the three much sought after scholarships to Melbourne. Therefore, it was much to my surprise last week when Melbourne contacted me offering me the third National Medicine Scholarship, which they don't award until after the IB results come out, on account of my high UMAT score under the way Melbourne treats it.

I wholeheartedly believe that my UMAT score wouldn't have been anywhere near as high as it was if I hadn't participated in the MedEntry program and so wish to thank you for the amazing opportunity your program has given me.

[Rahul is now studying medicine at the University of Melbourne]

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Michael Chung
Successful MedEntry Student and National Medical Scholarship Awardee

I've so far received an Excellence Scholarship at USyd, a double degree med offer at UQ, and the National Medicine Scholarship at UMelb.

I want to thank you for your help during my UMAT preparation. Your course really made a difference to my UMATing.

[Michael is now studying medicine]

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Suran Wickramaarachchi

Successful MedEntry Student and MedEntry Excellence Prize Winner

I just received my UMAT results today: 1. 99% 2. 95% 3. 98%.

Really happy about that. Thanks guys, couldn't have done it without you! Your materials were awesome, really helpful!

[Suran is now studying medicine at Monash University]

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