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Test 1

The #1 UCAT Online Platform

All delivered via our state-of-the-art software that exactly simulates the live UCAT test day experience!

MedEntry supports study on desktop, tablet and smartphone


Easily organise your UCAT preparation with our fully intergrated Study Planner.

  • Read our guide to planning your study year and then fill out your own study timetable.
  • Sync your study plan with your regular calendar application.
  • Receive regular reminders to keep you engaged.


Our comprehensive guides cover everything you need to know about each of the five UCAT subtests.

Video Guides
Learn all the strategies and techniques you need from professionally made videos
Interactive Modules
Hands on learning with small quizzes integrated seamlessly into the video modules
Comprehensive Resources
Countless guides and articles covering UCAT, interviews and university admissions
Structured Curriculum
Our expertly crafted curriculum guides you through the whole learning process.
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Hone you UCAT skills with our exclusive Skills Trainers

Reading Speed
Two training games will accelerate your reading and help you locate relevant information quickly.
Diagram Analysis
Identify the important data in graphs, tables and venn diagrams and use it to get the correct solution.
Mental Arithmetic
Perform mathematical calculations quickly and accurately and master the inbuilt calculator.
Pattern Detection
Identify common rules, patterns and distractors in Abstract Reasoning questions.
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The MedEntry online platform has more practice materials then any other UCAT platform.

Thousands of Questions
Each with detailed explanations and performance feedback.
Dozens of Drills
Practice each type of UCAT question with specific drills.
Subtest Mocks
Target specific UCAT subtests sitting a full exam.
Timing Trainer
Master your timing by seeing the recommended time to spend on each question.
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Know what you can expect on test day by practicing on a platform that exactly simulates the UCAT testing platform.

16 Full Practice Exams
Our full length, full strength exams are the most effective way to prepare for UCAT.
Retry Attempts
Have another go at answering incorrect questions and improve from your mistakes.
Replica UCAT Platform
Keyboard shortcuts, calculator and question presentation; Our platform accuratly simulates the test day platform.
Extra time options supported for those with special consideration.
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Track your progress, learn your strengths and weaknesses and learn how you can improve your score

Percentile Feedback
Find out what kind of UCAT percentile you can expect with your scores scaled against the MedEntry community
Recommended Resources
Our platform tracks yours performance by question type and can recommend you resources to help you improve
Timing Insights
See what questions are taking you the most time and compare your speed to recommended timing
Progress Tracking
Track your performance over your study and get a detailed breakdown of your strengths and weaknesses
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