Why Choose MedEntry

Why Choose MedEntry

There are many organisations which offer UCAT preparation. Unfortunately, there are concerns about the quality of training offered. Choosing the right UCAT preparation provider is one of the most important decisions you will make this year.

MedEntry is the trusted UCAT preparation organisation, chosen by the best prospective medical students each year. Here are five reasons why:

1. Run by the Experts

MedEntry is the only UCAT preparation organisation run by specialist, practicing doctors and academics. Our experience and expertise in test development, measurement and analysis is unrivalled. Because we attend international conferences related to medical selection and item design, we have developed an intimate understanding of UCAT, medical interviews and medical entry in Australia. We can therefore provide you with insider information to help you gain an advantage over other candidates.

Our lecturers are not ordinary doctors or academics; they are the best of the best. MedEntry lecturers have excelled across their careers, including obtaining 100th percentile in medical entry aptitude tests, scholarships to study medicine, medals in specialist fellowship examinations, and being published in high impact, peer-reviewed, medical and educational journals. Our lecturers have guided over 25,000 students through the medical entry process over a period of two decades, and across four countries (Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK). When you enrol with MedEntry, you can be sure you are being taught by the best.

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2. Trusted for Two Decades

MedEntry’s long standing reputation is arguably our most valuable asset. MedEntry holds the position as the most widely recognised and highly regarded medical entry organisation. We have seen many medical entry preparation companies come and go. Some are run by businesspeople, some are run by students, and many focus on slick marketing with very little substance.

Only MedEntry has continued to provide consistent, top quality preparation over a period of two decades. We have a student-centred approach to teaching and learning, and set the benchmark by which other training providers are measured. Notably, MedEntry is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) which is government-accredited, and is the reason why we are entitled to use ‘.edu’ rather than ‘.com’ for our website domain, much like a university.

MedEntry has helped over 25,000 students to become doctors. That’s right, 25,000! In fact, we often see our past MedEntry students when teaching at medical school and in hospitals, and some have even become our specialist colleagues.

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3. Outstanding Services

Since its inception, MedEntry has been the leader in developing innovative and engaging learning resources. We are the only UCAT preparation organisation which provides students with a dedicated Smartphone App, allowing you to access your UCAT resources anywhere, any time and any place. Our IT engineers have created exclusive UCAT skills trainers which you will not find on any other platform, and which make preparing for UCAT fun and efficient. MedEntry has the most advanced and comprehensive Online Learning Platform available, which uses personalised adaptive technology to provide students with individualised training and feedback. In fact, if you can find a feature or service on any UCAT platform that MedEntry doesn’t have, we will develop it!

Our professionally run workshops have become famous over the years for their engaging, inspiring and motivating nature. We are passionate about "impart[ing] the learning skills that students take with them for life", with training "geared towards making you a better person, with better reasoning and problem-solving skills, and emotional intelligence" (FOCUS, the Australian Doctor magazine, April 2005, page 23). That’s why you’ll find many reviews stating that our workshops are life-changing!

MedEntry has an obsession with quality and a commitment to excellence. All resources and questions are rigorously tested, original, and accompanied by detailed solutions, including video solutions. They are all delivered on a platform that exactly replicates the live UCAT, in every major and minor detail. No other preparation organisation provides the same standard of quality.

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4. Unrivalled Results

MedEntry’s reputation is based on results. Each year, we help more students into medicine in Australia than any other UCAT preparation organisation. In fact, most current medical students are past MedEntry students. In top performing selective and private high schools, almost all medical school aspirants choose MedEntry, and many MedEntry students go on to achieve perfect scores in year 12.

Each year, the highest performers in UCAT have been MedEntry students. The same was true last year, where a MedEntry student achieved the highest UCAT score across Australia and New Zealand (total cognitive subtest score of 3530). When you enrol with MedEntry, you can be confident that you are learning with the best.

A survey of a random sample of students who have been through our full training program showed that 92% were offered interviews, and 88% were offered places in one or more medical schools.

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5. The Best Reviews

Ultimately, it is easy to find the best UCAT preparation provider: simply look at independent reviews on Facebook and Google. MedEntry has an average star rating of 4.8 from over 1500 reviews across our global offices – that’s better than ivy league universities!

In fact, we are so confident in the unbeaten quality of our teaching philosophy and ethos that we offer this guarantee to you: find any educational organisation with more and higher ratings on Google and Facebook than MedEntry, and we will offer our course absolutely free!

We encourage you to ask your teachers, current medical students, doctors and past students at your school about MedEntry. Hear why they chose MedEntry for their medical entry journey. You can also hear from past students here.

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So what are you waiting for?