Free UCAT Exam

Find out what you can expect in the UCAT in this half-length practice exam.
Get a feel for each of the different sections and question types and find out if you are UCAT ready.

Complete with state-of-the art MedEntry features

This exam is run on the MedEntry Online Learning Platform and includes all the features of our 15 standard practice exams, including:

  • Replica Testing Platform
    Gain an advantage with practice on a platform that exactly simulates the live UCAT
  • Full Diagonistic Feedback
    Find out where you need to improve and which questions you have mastered
  • Advanced Time Tracking
    The time you take on each question is recorded. Which questions took you the longest? Are you faster than the MedEntry average?
  • Percentile Rankings
    How do you stack up against thousands of students? What score can you expect on the UCAT?
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