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Should I study at Auckland or Otago University for First Year? (As a Pathway into Medicine)

If you are in Year 13, and have decided not to apply to study medicine in Australia, you need to make a decision on whether to study First Year at Auckland or Otago university. Most people make a decision on which university to study at based on word of mouth, after talking to a few people or friends. That is not a scientific or rational way of making such an important decision. If you want to make a decision based on word of mouth, then you should speak to a representative sample of at least 20 people who have completed First...
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UCAT ANZ 2021 Registration deadline Registrations and booking to sit UCAT ANZ 2021 will close Monday 17th May at 11:59 PM AEST! If you plan to sit UCAT ANZ in 2021 and have not yet registered, please do so immediately. Remember that this is your only chance to sit UCAT in 2021. If you miss the registration date, you can still make a late registration until Monday 31st May at 11:59 pm AEST. However, this will attract a late fee of $85. After this final deadline you will need to wait until next year's UCAT to apply. To register, please visit:...
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Medicine – The Big Picture

So you’re going into your final year of schooling, and you’re super duper set on being a doctor. There are lots of ways you can keep hold of medicine as a big picture throughout this long and sometimes arduous year. By putting some of these points into action now, you will increase your chances of getting straight into med, pump up your motivation over the year, and be an awesome doctor in the future! People – get amongst them! Medicine is all about the people. In your career you will interact with others from diverse backgrounds, and it is crucial that...
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Balancing the UCAT and Hobbies

With the UCAT around the corner, as well as school assignments and exams, it can be quite a stressful time for students. Many students will spend the majority of the day practising UCAT- style questions and completing practise exams, as well as devoting a large amount of time to UCAT preparation. However, this does not mean your hobbies and interests should be forgotten about. After a long day of lessons, it can be quite daunting to sit at a desk and prepare for the night. Sometimes, motivation to ascertain a place in university to study Medicine can flicker as the late...
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Misinformation from Auckland and Otago Universities regarding Medical Entry

Many Year 13 students interested in studying medicine are mistakenly led to believe that they can only sit UCAT ANZ once and only in their first year of university. They are given wrong and misleading information, often by Auckland and Otago Universities, regarding pathways into medical or dental school.  Students can sit UCAT ANZ in their final year of schooling (Year 13) and any number of times thereafter. In fact, students that do sit UCAT in Year 13 have a much higher chance of getting into medicine, for two main reasons: 1. By sitting UCAT ANZ in Year 13, you can...
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6 Ways to Make UCAT study more effective

Fifty years of educational research shows that effective learners (for UCAT or other learning) have one - preferably all - of the following six characteristics. 1. Encounter challenging ideas or people Basically, this is Newton’s First Law of Motion in action in the academic, cognitive, psychosocial, attitudinal and career-preparation dimensions of your education: a body will remain at rest, or in motion in a straight line, unless compelled to change its state or direction by an outside force. In your educational life, the outside force challenging your present ideas, beliefs, perspectives or educational environments different from those that you hold or...
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Why are there differences in the way Universities use UCAT for Medical Entry?

Some Universities offer medical entry programs for school leavers without the need for UCAT. These include Griffith University (which offers a ‘conditional entry’ program) and James Cook University. Other universities have lower weighting for UCAT when assessing candidates for medical entry (for example, Auckland and Otago Universities).  On the other hand, some universities use UCAT even for graduate entry medical programs (for example, WSU, Newcastle, Auckland and Otago), while others use GAMSAT. Why do these differences exist? Universities are autonomous (meaning self-governing) bodies and claim they have the right to decide on academic standards and entry criteria. Such decisions are left...
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5 Reasons to Apply for Medicine in Australia

If you are in Year 13, you need to make a decision on whether to apply to study Medicine in Australia or New Zealand. There are many advantages to applying for medical school in Australia, which will be outlined in this blog. There are more medical schools in Australia. There are 24 medical schools in Australia and if you are in Year 13, you can apply to at least 17 of them. There are only 2 universities offering medicine in New Zealand. Therefore, you have a greatly increased chance of getting into medicine if you also apply to Australian universities. Australian medical...
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What is the Highest UCAT Score Ever Achieved?

The highest UCAT score ever achieved was 3530, achieved by an Australian student in 2019. This student obtained the following UCAT subtest scores: UCAT Verbal Reasoning: 890UCAT Decision Making: 840UCAT Quantitative Reasoning: 900UCAT Abstract Reasoning: 900 The student’s UCAT candidate score report is displayed below: As you can see from the UCAT Summary test statistics 2019 (displayed below), 3530 was the maximum score achieved in the 2019 UCAT ANZ. In fact, it was the highest UCAT score achieved worldwide, and the highest UCAT score achieved to date. The student who achieved this score chose to prepare for UCAT with MedEntry. The...
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Should I attend a MedEntry UCAT workshop?

MedEntry workshops have become famous over the years for their engaging, effective and enjoyable nature. You may be wondering whether you should attend a MedEntry UCAT workshop. The answer is a resounding yes! Here are three reasons why: MedEntry UCAT Workshops are Comprehensive MedEntry UCAT workshops cover everything you need to know for UCAT success, including: Detailed strategies and techniques, allowing you to answer each type of UCAT question quickly and accurately UCAT mini-tests, and a further full-length UCAT simulated online trial exam for hands-on experience Motivational teaching that makes the whole UCAT process feel clearer and less intimidating Advice from...
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Why 6 weeks preparation isn't enough for UCAT

UCAT Consortium Universities (UCATCU) claim that intensive, sustained preparation for UCAT is not necessary. They advise that 6 weeks of preparation is sufficient for UCAT. There are many reasons why UCATCU make such claims. To give yourself the best chance of succeeding in UCAT, it is important that you are sceptical of these claims.  UCATCU’s claims are designed to discourage students from undergoing extended UCAT preparation. Just as some elite schools, universities and hospitals provide a better service and 'value-add' more, reputable UCAT preparation institutions such as MedEntry do the same to your UCAT score. But admitting this fact goes against the philosophy...
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Entry into medicine in New Zealand is unique for two key reasons: 1. New Zealanders have the opportunity to sit UCAT in year 13 and then re-sit UCAT in the first year of their university degree. 2. There is a limit to the number of times New Zealanders can apply to medicine. This blog will discuss both of these points. Sitting UCAT in Year 13 Unlike Australians, New Zealanders are able to sit UCAT the year before they apply for medicine. Any student can sit UCAT if they are in their final year of secondary schooling or above, and this includes...
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UCAT 2021 Registration: What Testing Session Should I Choose?

Registrations to sit UCAT 2021 are now open! If you are planning to sit UCAT in 2021 for entry into medicine in 2022, we suggest booking your UCAT testing date as soon as possible. Popular dates and locations to sit UCAT do book out! Here are three tips for choosing your perfect UCAT 2021 testing session. 1. Book your UCAT 2021 testing session as soon as possible UCAT 2021 is offered over a variety of testing dates, times and locations throughout July and into early August. This gives you the flexibility to choose a UCAT testing session that is convenient to...
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4 Steps to Transform your Weakest UCAT Subtest into your Strongest

Although I had been preparing for UCAT for over 6 months, with less than 2 weeks to go until the UCAT, I still wasn't feeling confident about UCAT Abstract Reasoning. I was consistently scoring in the high 80th or 90th percentiles for other UCAT subtests on the MedEntry online platform, but was still ranging from 40-70th percentile in UCAT Abstract Reasoning. Since I was happy with my performance in the other UCAT sections, I decided to do some intensive UCAT Abstract Reasoning study to improve my skills as much as possible before my UCAT exam. This involved doing a couple of...
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Mind games: motivation for UCAT study.

Yes, we’d all rather be on Facebook or YouTube, or twitter, or asos, but before you throw your hands up in exasperated defeat and open another tab in your internet browser, consider this… If you do well in the UCAT exam, you will only have to sit it once. It’s 2 hours of your time which can open the door to a lifelong, rewarding and satisfying career in medicine and/or the health sciences.If you do not study for the UCAT, you may have to re-sit it or be forced find alternative pathways to reach your health career goal. This will not...
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Ten tips for surviving your first year of Medicine

Medicine is tough, really tough but you’ve made it this far so you’re tougher. First year is a whirlwind and at times can seem overwhelming, but having made it through to the other side of those first few full-on months, I can hand on heart say that everyone is telling the truth when they say college will be the best time of your life. You’ll have ups and downs, I can guarantee that, but overall the ups will far outweigh the downs. Here’s ten tips to help you power past those downs and navigate your way through the minefield that is...
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How to Interpret Scores and Feedback from MedEntry’s Practice Exams

So you’ve completed a practice exam and have no idea how to interpret the wealth of information and statistics you’ve been presented with. This blog has some tips to help you gain a better grasp of your UCAT preparation progress. 1. Look at percentile not percentage. The UCAT is a test designed to compare students against each other, thereby giving the universities a clearer indication of the stronger candidates. This is much like the ATAR. As such, they do not care about what score you received, but rather, where you were ranked. The UCAT is hard – so do not worry...
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New UCAT Exam Review Page

MedEntry has developed an innovative new UCAT Exam Review Page that displays detailed feedback in a series of interactive graphs. This blog outlines the key features. Overall UCAT Percentile Ranking  This graph shows your UCAT percentile ranking (compared to other MedEntry students who attempted the UCAT exam) as well as an estimated UCAT scaled score. This information is displayed on a curve, which graphically depicts your UCAT ranking in comparison to other students:   % Answered Correctly These horizontal bars show how many UCAT questions you answered correctly in each UCAT subtest, in comparison to the average.   Individual Subtest Feedback...
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Bond Psychometric test

Bond University, in order to distinguish themselves from other universities’ entry criteria, has chosen to use a Psychometric test. ‘Psychometric test’ is a very broad term and can include a test of both cognitive and non-cognitive attributes. What Bond University uses for their medical program is the non-cognitive type: that is, it assesses personality. Specifically Bond University uses the MSCEIT and 16PF tests. The Bond Psychometric test, which is undertaken by candidates at no cost to the university, reduces the expense to the university by reducing the number of students that they need to interview. The only test which comes close...
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Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day. – Mark Twain Brian Tracy’s 5 minute YouTube video discusses a time management strategy that has changed many people’s lives (including mine!). It discusses time management in the context of the workplace, but the strategy is applicable to UCAT and high school/university study too. This blog summarises the key points.  As Mark Twain said, if the first thing you do in the morning is to eat a live frog, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that’s probably the worst thing...
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